Developing the future of fungal diagnostics

Invasive fungal infections

A major cause for concern

Resistance to antifungal medication is becoming an important clinical problem, which threatens to undo many of the health advances of the last 50 years1. In the last 20 years, there has been little change in how clinicians diagnose fungal infections. This has led to inappropriate prescribing of antifungal medication and increased medical costs.2 New strategies are desperately required to better treat and diagnose life-threatening fungal infections. The fungal pathogens that pose the most risk are Candida, Aspergillus, Pneumocystis and Cryptococcus spp.3

The global view

In the developing world, diagnostic tests for fungal diseases are often not done or not available. Doctors therefore treat blind, if at all, leading to high infection rates.4

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In the UK

A lack of a standardised diagnostic approach, means infections are commonly being misdiagnosed.5 This is leading to patients being prescribed inappropriate treatments.

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Are we effectively treating fungal infections?

$8 Billion

The amount spent on antifungal drugs each year4


The World Health Organization has no funded programs on fungal disease4

Less than 20

Fewer than 20 countries have any specialised reference labs which provide key diagnostic tests and critical expertise in fungal infections4

Why choose OLM Diagnostics?

A diagnostic-led approach

At OLM Diagnostics we are acting to address the threat of antifungal resistance. We are discovering and developing a new diagnostic-led approach to tackling fungal infections. Our research and development drives our company focus; to reinforce our reputation as a trusted healthcare partner and to enhance patient health outcomes.

Clinicians can have confidence in the sensitivity and specificity of our tests – to correctly identify true positive and true negative cases.

OLM Diagnostics aim to

The benefits of our tests 

Our tests are inexpensive and require no additional laboratory equipment. They offer potential cost savings for hospitals; avoiding unnecessary prescriptions and higher costs associated with treating resistant infections. Some of these benefits include:

A reduced rate of drug resistant infections

Preservation of existing antifungal medication

Improvement to patient care through appropriate prescribing

Potential cost savings to the NHS and healthcare institutions

No extra costs or equipment required to run the diagnostic tests. Lab equipment already in place e.g. a PCR machine

Current diagnostic testing is poor, unreliable and time consuming. OLM Diagnostics offers an easy solution that allows clinicians to rapidly identify the exact cause of a patient’s infection

The OLM fungal diagnostic range

The AspDx range offers the ability to detect Aspergillus species, aiding in rapid and comprehensive diagnosis.


The CandDx range offers the ability to detect Candida species, aiding the clinician in a more accurate diagnosis and treatment approach.


PneumDx offers the ability to detect Pneumocystis jirovecii, a common cause of pneumonia and other respiratory infections.


Join our diagnostic-led approach

We know that many of the best ideas can come from collaboration. We are therefore committed to working with partners to deliver innovative new products.

Reduced drug resistance

Preservation of existing medication

Improved patient care

Potential cost savings

Lab equipment in place

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