Aspergillus pyothorax: Is surgery alone sufficient?

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Aspergillus pyothorax: Is surgery alone sufficient?

Med Sante Trop. 2018 May 01;28(2):172-175

Authors: Issoufou I, Harmouchi H, Belliraj L, Ammor F, Lakranbi M, Sani R, Ouadnouni Y, Smahi M

Aspergillus is a mycelial fungus formed of filaments that penetrate the airways when its spores are inhaled. It is rarely located in the pleura. We report two cases of patients, one aged 67 years and the other 37 years, with pleural aspergillosis. The first underwent a thoracostomy, followed later by a myoplasty for closure. Pleuropulmonary decortication was performed in the second patient. The pathology examination confirmed an intrapleural aspergilloma in both patients. Antifungal treatment was not performed. The postoperative course was simple and no recurrence was noted. Based on these two cases over a 7-year period and a review of the literature, we detail the issues in this management and emphasize the interest of surgery.

PMID: 29997075 [PubMed – in process]

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