Hemp to limit diffusion of difenoconazole in vegetable garden soils.

Hemp to limit diffusion of difenoconazole in vegetable garden soils.

Heliyon. 2019 Sep;5(9):e02392

Authors: Léchenault-Bergerot C, Morin-Crini N, Rocchi S, Lichtfouse E, Chanet G, Crini G

Triazole molecules are used to manage invasive aspergillosis, a fungal infection mainly due to Aspergillus fumigatus. A.¬†fumigatus is not a phytopathogen, but, as it is widespread in soils, triazole fungicides have an unintended impact on it, selecting resistant populations’ in environment. Thus, to maintain our ability to control fungal infections, whether in human health or agriculture, reduce the impact of the use of triazoles in the environment is important, notably limiting their diffusion in soils. Here we tested a hemp-based material as adsorbent to limit the spread of difenoconazole, a triazole fungicide, in vegetable soils. We studied the effects of contact time, material dose, difenoconazole concentration, and organic content of the soil using batch mode and percolation methods. Batch experiments showed that the material exhibited high adsorption capacities toward difenoconazole. Removal from the soil water increased from 46.6% using 0.35 g hemp per kg of soil to 77.0% using 1.75 g hemp per kg, for a contact time of 15 min and an initial difenoconazole concentration of 1.2 mg/L. For a contact time of 240 min, the removal was 93.5%. Percolation experiments showed that the quantity of difenoconazole removed was greater than the amount obtained by batch method: 41.9% of removal with only one passes of solution at a concentration of 12 mg/L is obtained through percolation technique whereas, with similar conditions, only 20% of removal is obtained by batch method, i.e. after 1 min of contact. The removal was strongly dependent on the number of passes: the values increased from 57.0% to 91.0% with increasing the number of passes from 1 to 15. Addition of hemp to soils allows to remove efficiently the difenoconazole fungicide from soil water. Hemp-based felt is a new and safe adsorbent that can be applied in agriculture to limit crop contamination.

PMID: 31517120 [PubMed]

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