Innovative Nutritious Biscuits Limit Aflatoxin Contamination.

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Innovative Nutritious Biscuits Limit Aflatoxin Contamination.

Pak J Biol Sci. 2019 Jan;22(3):133-142

Authors: Mohamed Saied Hussien A, Noah Badr A, Ahmed Naeem M

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Incorporation of food byproducts in biscuit could increase the safety, nutritional and enhance dough properties. These byproducts were wheat bran (WB), goldenberry fruit (GBF) and goldenberry peel (GBP) contains active ingredients.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Wheat flour (WF) was partially replaced in biscuit dough. Antioxidant activity, chemical composition and baking quality were evaluated. Anti-aflatoxigenic and antifungal activities of WB, GBF and GBP have estimated also aflatoxin reduction was evaluated.
RESULTS: The results were showed biscuit acceptable sensories. The GBF and GBP exhibited the highest antioxidant and phenolic content explaining its antimicrobial behaviour. The addition of WB, GBF or GBP to fungal media inhibited the growth, however, using 20% GBF in Aspergillus flavus media showed the greatest aflatoxin reduction. The biscuit-specific volume was more pronounced when GBF and GBP were included in the formulation. No great differences were seen for colour, baking quality or texture of biscuit mixes.
CONCLUSION: This novel safe biscuit appears a safer alternative to traditional biscuits.

PMID: 30972983 [PubMed – in process]

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