Exploring the Brazilian diversity of Aspergillus sp. strains for lovastatin and itaconic acid production.

Exploring the Brazilian diversity of Aspergillus sp. strains for lovastatin and itaconic acid production.

Fungal Genet Biol. 2020 Mar 17;:103367

Authors: Assis Rodrigues K, Theodoro Rocha R, Furtado Mulinari F, Viana Guedes A, de Melo Teixeira M, de Oliveira Motta D, Fernandes L, Simas Magalhães B, Sueli Soares Felipe M, Joannis Pappas G, Skorupa Parachin N

Filamentous fungi are well known for producing secondary metabolites applied in various industrial segments. Among these, lovastatin and itaconic acid, produced by Aspergillus terreus, have applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Lovastatin is primarily used for the control of hypercholesterolemia, while itaconic acid is a building block for the production of synthetic fibers, coating adhesives, among others. In this study, for the first time, 35 strains of Aspergillus sp. from four Brazilian culture collections were evaluated for lovastatin and itaconic acid production and compared to a reference strain, ATCC 20542. From an initial screening, the strains ATCC 20542, URM 224, URM1876, URM 5061, URM 5254, URM 5256, URM 5650, and URM 5961 were selected for genomic comparison. Among tested strains, the locus corresponding to the lovastatin genomic cluster was assembled, showing that all genes essential for lovastatin biosynthesis were present in producing URM 5961 and URM 5650 strains, with 100% and 98,5% similarity to ATCC 20542, respectively. However, in the no producing URM 1876, URM 224, URM 5254, URM 5061, and URM 5256 strains, this cluster was either fragmented or missing. Among the 35 strains evaluated for itaconic acid production in this study, only three strains had titers above 0.5 g/L, 16 strains had production below 0.5 g/L, and the remaining 18 strains had no production, with the highest production of itaconic acid observed in the URM 5254 strain with 2.2 g/L. The essential genes for itaconic acid production, mttA, cadA msfA were also mapped, where all three genes linked to itaconic acid production were found in a single contig in the assembly of each strain. In contrast to lovastatin loci, there is no correlation between the level of itaconic acid production and genetic polymorphisms in the genes associated with its biosynthesis.

PMID: 32198121 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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