On Boolean gates in fungal colony.

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On Boolean gates in fungal colony.

Biosystems. 2020 Apr 04;:104138

Authors: Adamatzky A, Tegelaar M, Wosten HAB, Powell AL, Beasley AE, Mayne R

A fungal colony maintains its integrity via flow of cytoplasm along mycelium network. This flow, together with possible coordination of mycelium tips propagation, is controlled by calcium waves and associated waves of electrical potential changes. We propose that these excitation waves can be employed to implement a computation in the mycelium networks. We use FitzHugh-Nagumo model to imitate propagation of excitation in a single colony of Aspergillus niger. Boolean values are encoded by spikes of extracellular potential. We represent binary inputs by electrical impulses on a pair of selected electrodes and we record responses of the colony from sixteen electrodes. We derive sets of two-inputs-on-output logical gates implementable the fungal colony and analyse distributions of the gates.

PMID: 32259561 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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