Aspergillosis in free-ranging aquatic birds.

Aspergillosis in free-ranging aquatic birds.

Med Mycol Case Rep. 2020 Jun;28:36-38

Authors: Melo AM, Silva-Filho RPD, Poester VR, von Groll A, Fernandes CG, Stevens DA, Sabino R, Xavier MO

Due to the difficulty in the access to free-ranging birds, data regarding Aspergillus infections in wild avian species is rare compared to captive wild and domestic birds.
OBJECTIVE: report three cases of Aspergillus section Fumigati causing fungal disease in free-ranging aquatic birds, with the identification of the causal agent to the species level.
CASE REPORTS: The diagnosis of aspergillosis was performed by macroscopic lesions found during the necropsy and confirmed by culture. Molecular identification by partial sequencing of the calM and benA genes allowed to confirm Aspergillus fumigatus sensu stricto as the etiological agent of aspergillosis in Procellaria aequinoctialis (White-chinned petrel) (n = 1), Nannopterum brasilianus (Neotropical cormorant) (n = 1) and Chroicocephalus maculipennis (Brown-hooded gull) (n = 1).
CONCLUSION: Larger studies regarding the importance of aspergillosis in free-ranging aquatic birds are necessary, as well as it potential role in the One Heath context.

PMID: 32405453 [PubMed]

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