Invasive fungal rhinitis with adnexal involvement caused by <em>Histoplasma capsulatum</em> in a cat from a non-enzootic location

JFMS Open Rep. 2021 Feb 15;7(1):2055116921993385. doi: 10.1177/2055116921993385. eCollection 2021 Jan-Jun.


CASE SUMMARY: This report describes a cat with a rare form of histoplasmosis: invasive rhinitis with adnexal involvement, mimicking disease more commonly caused by cryptococcosis or aspergillosis. This case is especially noteworthy as it was from an area where histoplasmosis is not enzootic.

RELEVANCE AND NOVEL INFORMATION: Invasive fungal rhinitis causes significant morbidity in cats. Diagnostic investigation of more common pathogens includes detection of fungal antigen (Cryptococcus) or antifungal antibodies (Aspergillus). This case demonstrates that histoplasmosis can present as chronic nasal disease in cats. Histoplasma antigen testing provides a non-invasive diagnostic option. Moreover, this case serves as a reminder that histoplasmosis can affect cats anywhere, even in non-enzootic areas.

PMID:33643661 | PMC:PMC7894697 | DOI:10.1177/2055116921993385

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