Identification of a Novel Biosynthetic Gene Cluster in Aspergillus niger Using Comparative Genomics

J Fungi (Basel). 2021 May 11;7(5):374. doi: 10.3390/jof7050374.


Previously, DNA microarrays analysis showed that, in co-culture with Bacillus subtilis, a biosynthetic gene cluster anchored with a nonribosomal peptides synthetase of Aspergillus niger is downregulated. Based on phylogenetic and synteny analyses, we show here that this gene cluster, NRRL3_00036-NRRL3_00042, comprises genes predicted to encode a nonribosomal peptides synthetase, a FAD-binding domain-containing protein, an uncharacterized protein, a transporter, a cytochrome P450 protein, a NAD(P)-binding domain-containing protein and a transcription factor. We overexpressed the in-cluster transcription factor gene NRRL3_00042. The overexpression strain, NRRL3_00042OE, displays reduced growth rate and production of a yellow pigment, which by mass spectrometric analysis corresponds to two compounds with masses of 409.1384 and 425.1331. We deleted the gene encoding the NRRL3_00036 nonribosomal peptides synthetase in the NRRL3_00042OE strain. The resulting strain reverted to the wild-type phenotype. These results suggest that the biosynthetic gene cluster anchored by the NRRL3_00036 nonribosomal peptides synthetase gene is regulated by the in-cluster transcriptional regulator gene NRRL3_00042, and that it is involved in the production of two previously uncharacterized compounds.

PMID:34064722 | DOI:10.3390/jof7050374

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