An Unusual and Rare Presentation of Pulmonary Aspergillosis: Endobronchial Aspergilloma

Case Rep Infect Dis. 2021 May 27;2021:5525858. doi: 10.1155/2021/5525858. eCollection 2021.


Aspergillosis is a wide spectrum of the disease process that is caused by the fungus Aspergillus. Endobronchial aspergilloma is a very rare type of aspergillosis which is not yet included in the classification of aspergillosis. Due to its rare nature and a limited number of cases, there are no current treatment guidelines. Here we present the case of a 57-year-old female with an endobronchial aspergilloma. The patient was started on intravenous voriconazole and subsequently discharged on oral voriconazole.

PMID:34136294 | PMC:PMC8175132 | DOI:10.1155/2021/5525858

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