Multiple rounds of Aspergillus niger biofortification confer relatively stable quality with minor changes of microbial community during industrial-scale Baoning vinegar production

Food Res Int. 2021 Dec;150(Pt A):110768. doi: 10.1016/j.foodres.2021.110768. Epub 2021 Oct 19.


Vinegar is consumed worldwide as a food condiment, especially in the Chinese diet. The present study optimized the addition of A. niger biofortified-bran Qu (0.3%, 0.45%, and 0.6%) as additional starter to improve total acid content and starch utilization rate in industrial-scale Baoning vinegar production. In addition, this novel study determined the quality and microbial community changes of Baoning vinegar during three-round biofortification in industrial scale. Our results indicated that A. niger biofortified-bran Qu added at 0.6% resulted in higher total acid content and starch utilization rate of vinegar Pei. Biofortification imposed minor changes in the microbial community during three-round biofortification, and more variation was observed in fungal community than that in bacterial community. Most importantly, the quality of Baoning vinegar remained relatively stable. This information further confirmed the feasibility of multiple rounds of A. niger biofortification, and can be used to provide theoretical basis for industrial-scale production.

PMID:34865783 | DOI:10.1016/j.foodres.2021.110768

Source: Industry