epi-Aszonalenin B from Aspergillus novofumigatus inhibits NF-kappaB activity induced by ZFTA-RELA fusion protein that drives ependymoma

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2022 Jan 22;596:104-110. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2022.01.076. Online ahead of print.


Nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) signaling is an intracellular signaling pathway involved in inflammatory responses and the pathogenesis of various cancers, including ependymoma, which is a rare and chemotherapy-resistant glioma. Several isoforms of fusion proteins that consist of a nuclear protein, zinc finger translocation associated (ZFTA), and RELA (ZFTA-RELA), an NF-κB-signaling effector transcription factor, cause excessive activation of the NF-κB signaling pathway and result in supratentorial ependymomas (ST-EPN-RELA). As inhibitors of NF-κB activity induced by ZFTA-RELA are expected to be therapeutic agents for ST-EPN-RELA, we established an NF-κB responsive luciferase reporter cell line that expresses the most common isoform of ZFTA-RELA in a doxycycline-dependent manner. Using this reporter cell line, we screened fungus extracts for compounds that inhibit the NF-κB activity induced by ZFTA-RELA expression and identified aszonalenin, an alkaloid from Aspergillus novofumigatus. We also purified analogs of aszonalenin, namely acetylaszonalenin and epi-aszonalenin B and C. In a luciferase assay using cells constitutively expressing luciferase (counter assay), acetylaszonalenin and epi-aszonalenin C showed non-specific inhibition of the luciferase activity. Aszonalenin and epi-aszonalenin B inhibited the NF-κB responsive luciferase activity by expressing ZFTA-RELA more strongly than the luciferase activity in the counter assay. The upregulation of endogenous NF-κB responsive genes, such as CCND1, ICAM1, and L1CAM, by ZFTA-RELA expression was inhibited by epi-aszonalenin B, but not by aszonalenin. This study suggests that epi-aszonalenin B may be a lead compound for the therapeutic development of ST-EPN-RELA.

PMID:35131506 | DOI:10.1016/j.bbrc.2022.01.076

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