Molecular docking analysis of bioactive compounds from Mollugo cerviana (L.) SER with DHFR for antifungal activity

Bioinformation. 2021 Nov 30;17(11):944-948. doi: 10.6026/97320630017944. eCollection 2021.


Fungal infections have been increasing in recent years due to growing number of high-risk patients particularly immuno compromised hosts. Candida is the third- or fourth-most-common isolate in nosocomial bloodstream infections. The increase of fungal resistance to classical drugs, the treatment costs, and the fact that most available antifungal drugs have only fungistatic activity, justify the search for new strategies. Identification of therapeutic compounds from plants has been the centre of attraction ever since they were discovered. It is of interest to document the molecular docking analysis of bioactive compounds present in Mollugo cerviana (L.) SER with the DHFR protein target for antifungal activity. We show the optimal binding features of several compounds from the extract with in vivo and in vitro activities. Results of this showed that all compounds showed good antimicrobial activity and a very good antifungal activity against the target DHFR protein. So, these compounds may act as potential drug molecules after the experimental validation.

PMID:35655907 | PMC:PMC9148592 | DOI:10.6026/97320630017944

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