Four New Species of <em>Aspergillus</em> Subgenus <em>Nidulantes</em> from China

J Fungi (Basel). 2022 Nov 15;8(11):1205. doi: 10.3390/jof8111205.


Aspergillus subgenus Nidulantes includes species with emericella-like ascomata and asexual species. Subgenus Nidulantes is the second largest subgenus of Aspergillus and consists of nine sections. In this study, agricultural soils were sampled from 12 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Based on primary BLAST analyses, seven of 445 Aspergillus isolates showed low similarity with existing species. A polyphasic investigation, including phylogenetic analysis of partial ITS, β-tubulin, calmodulin, and RNA polymerase II second largest subunit genes, provided evidence that these isolates were distributed among four new species (Aspergillus guangdongensis, A. guangxiensis, A. sichuanensis and A. tibetensis) in sections Aenei, Ochraceorosei, and Sparsi of subgenus Nidulantes. Illustrated morphological descriptions are provided for each new taxon.

PMID:36422028 | DOI:10.3390/jof8111205

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