About OLM Diagnostics

OLM Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics company, which markets and distributes innovations in fungal and bacterial diagnostics to the healthcare sector. Our novel and reliable rapid-diagnostic tests fit seamlessly into current treatment pathways and can reduce the rate of drug resistant infections by promoting a new diagnostic led approach. This is achieved, whilst delivering clear financial and clinical benefits to hospitals, clinicians and patient care.

We work closely with technology transfer specialists in universities and NHS Hospital Trusts and have an international network of clinicians, investors and influential stakeholders in the medical sector to help give products the best possible chance of success

Established in 2011, OLM Diagnostics has worked with clinical and academic partners to develop a range of new rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests for medical areas, which are currently poorly served

While our technology focus is in medical diagnostics, we consider each innovation on its own merits and work with selected partners to ensure that the right team is in place to progress products through to commercialisation

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We know that many of the best ideas can come from collaboration. We are therefore committed to working with partners to deliver innovative new products.

Reduced drug resistance

Preservation of existing medication

Improved patient care

Potential cost savings

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