With a focus on medical diagnostic testing, OLM Innovations selects the best ideas from UK universities and leads the development of new products to meet clinical standards. Working across academia and the NHS, we are market facing to secure the necessary investment, validation, commissioning and specialist support to progress new products.

OLM Innovations is investing in scientists who are passionate to prove their ideas for clinical benefit. Experienced in working within the healthcare funding landscape and providing access to clinicians, investors and distributors internationally, we are well placed to bring new products to market

We have a track record of technology transfer in medical diagnostics leading to product licensing and company spin-outs.  

Comfortable working with both academics, within the IP governance structures of universities, and NHS Trusts, OLM provides an independent perspective and a commercial driver to ensure IP is not only protected but is applied for patient benefit.

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We know that many of the best ideas can come from collaboration. We are therefore committed to working with partners to deliver innovative new products.

Reduced drug resistance

Preservation of existing medication

Improved patient care

Potential cost savings

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