A multiplex PCR kit for the detection of Aspergillus species

AspID® is a multiplex PCR test designed to detect genomic DNA of clinically relevant Aspergillus species. AspID® rapidly detects Aspergillus species within 90 minutes of nucleic acid extraction, including specific detection of A. terreus, a fungus that is intrinsically resistant to amphotericin B.

AspID® is being targeted for use as an aid in the assessment and evaluation of patients with suspected Aspergillus infection.


  • 50 reactions
  • Detection of Aspergillus species
  • Differentiation of A. terreus


  • Direct detection on clinical nucleic acid extracts
  • Results within 90 minutes of nucleic acid extraction
  • Internal extraction control (IEC) included
  • Positive control included
  • ‘Ready to use’ reagents – no resuspension/dilution steps required
  • Suitable for real-time PCR instruments
  • From DNA extract to PCR result in 4 simple steps