PCR kit for the detection of clinically relevant Candida species

Invasive Candidiasis is the most common fungal disease among hospitalised patients in the developed world, with candidaemia often cited as the fourth most common bloodstream infection within intensive care units. CandID® is a multiplex PCR test designed to detect genomic DNA of 3 commonly isolated Candida species; C. albicansC. glabrata and C. parapsilosis. 

CandID® is being targeted for use as an aid in the assessment and evaluation of patients with suspected Candida infection.


  • 50 reactions
  • Detection of Candida species


  • Direct detection in clinical nucleic acid extracts
  • Results within 45 minutes of nucleic acid extraction
  • Internal extraction control (IEC) included
  • Positive control included
  • ‘Ready to use’ reagents – no resuspension/dilution steps required
  • Suitable for real-time PCR instruments
  • From DNA extract to PCR result in 4 simple steps